For HUM clients only:
powerful, effective, big-brand-quality marketing
campaigns for your business.

As a coach, I help clients build skills. Business skills, people skills, marketing skills and more. But when it comes to marketing, some clients find that they’re stretched too thin to develop and implement the marketing campaigns we agree will lead to greater success. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to devote to creating and managing an enhanced marketing program on their own.

For these clients, we’ve launched a concierge-level suite of services designed to create and implement the marketing work our client requires. Our highly professional services become the key to taking action on an enhanced marketing program that propels them toward their goals — without adding more tasks to their already jam-packed schedule.

A marketing industry background of more than 25 years enables us to form alliances with a pretty extraordinary group of creative marketing professionals.  As a HUM Business Coaching client, you’ll have the option of collaborating with our personal network of advertising, marketing and communications professionals, an A-level team of writers, graphic designers, social media experts, SEO (search engine optimization) specialists, web designers, video content producers, and more.

So if you want effective marketing – but just don’t have time to handle it in-house — let’s talk.