Coaching Services

When designing coaching programs for small business owners, senior executives and entrepreneurs, HUM Business Coaching begins with a blank sheet of paper. We design an approach specifically tailored to your needs, desires and goals. Some business owners are drawn to our Success Process Program – a fast-paced series of coaching sessions that home in on mindset, strategy and marketing. For others, a more general approach works best. We will create an approach that helps maximize your goals following an initial intake session. But for every client, our focus is on positive change and an exciting transformation that will help you take you and your business from where you are now to where you desire to go.

Business Coach Orange CountyHow to dream bigger and fly higher?

At HUM Business Coaching, our underlying theme is, “dream bigger, fly higher.” We help clients get clear on what they really, truly want for their business. Next, we develop a step-by-step plan to begin turning that dream into reality. Because dream building must be followed by rolling up one’s sleeves and doing the hard work that’s necessary to create something new, exciting, profitable and fulfilling.

But you won’t fly solo. On top of working side by side with Business Coach Rob Wagner, clients may draw on the expertise of an outstanding network of professionals including financial advisors, marketing experts and creative resources.

Please contact HUM about a complimentary business evaluation that might have a permanent, positive impact on the direction of your enterprise.

Take the step, get Your business humming!