Optimize Your Career Choices and Executive Skills

Executive leadership coaching is one of the most valuable experiences a business professional can offer themselves as it will allow you to realize professional success and achievement, as you define it. HUM’s personal business coach works one-on-one with CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals to help them realize their professional and personal potential. Our courses and programs will direct you through several valuable topics including:
• Align skills and strengths with job performance
• Optimize work/life schedules
• Improve emotional intelligence
• Master time management, control your stress and improve your daily effectiveness
• Build greater competency in leadership and develop different styles of leading
• Manage conflict and difficult interpersonal dynamics
• Manage and coach direct reports
• Chart a new career path

How Our Program Works

First and foremost, HUM coaching is a dialogue between our coach and you as our client to understand on a personal level the issues you face, realize the goals you’ve set in your life, and help you construct a plan of action. Utilizing a variety of assessment tools, we have a program for you. Our focus is on achieving goals and measurable results.
We also offer a mindset leadership coaching program for senior executives to address issues both within their workday as well as in their personal life, providing the support to create professional and personal goals which enhance their effectiveness and happiness.

Take the Next Step, Get Your Business Humming

Contact HUM Business today for more information on our sessions and appointment times by contacting our personal business coach and founder, Coach Rob Wagner, via email at [email protected] or call (949) 338-1259.