Not great as in a world famous mega-fantastic-whatever. Great as in the best you can be. 

Are you drawn to that sort of greatness? But feel like procrastination and inertia and the relentless challenges of life are making progress difficult if not impossible? Do you ever say to yourself, “I’m doing pretty good. My business is relatively successful. I make ends meet, put some money away from retirement, have great friends and a wonderful family. So, why push it?” 

You’re right. You don’t have to push it. But do you want to? What’s your answer? Is there something deep inside, urging you on? 

If that sounds like you, you might be a seeker. Try as you might, you can’t seem to let well enough alone. You’re a bit impractical. You’ve been accused of being too optimistic to succeed in the real world. You’ve heard this more than once. You wonder, “are they right?” 

Questioning yourself umpteen times can rattle your confidence. You scrutinize your judgment, your motives, your talents. Is it time to simmer down, act like a grown up, accept your responsibilities? Well, yes, of course, you want to be responsible. Just don’t use that as an excuse to accept a partially-unlived life. 

What if you could be highly responsible as you explore new possibilities? A business, career and life without limits! 

If this stirs something inside you, HUM invites you to apply for a complimentary, deep coaching session.  

Granted, this approach to coaching is not for everybody. But for those who want to make their lives and businesses a work of art, who wish they could do and be something extraordinary, the HUM coaching journey is like a hummingbird landing in a warm, welcoming nest. 

We’re ready when you are.