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Are you afraid to be great?

Not great as in a world famous mega-fantastic-whatever. Great as in the best you can be.  Are you drawn to that sort of greatness? But feel like procrastination and inertia and the relentless challenges of life are making progress difficult if not impossible? Do you ever say to yourself, “I’m doing pretty good. My business [...]

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5 Tech Traps Small Businesses Should Avoid.

1. Not enough training.  When you buy a new device for your staff, it’s smart to provide training. But typically, they get little, if any. There are multiple reasons for this. First, the tech giants making the products offer surprisingly little guidance (unless you really dig for it). Second, typical business owners are very [...]

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Greetings from a bottomless pit.

Deep in the bowels of every marketing organization lies a scary, dark place. A swirling, boiling cauldron of words and sounds. A head-spinning, stomach-churning cavalcade of images. And dwelling within this black hole is a very hungry beast. Behold, the Content Monster — the ghastly offspring of the digital marketing universe. It feeds on [...]

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Small Business Survival in the Age of COVID-19: What You Need to Do

If you’re like most small business owners, the pandemic caused you to adapt your business strategy, explore new growth opportunities, transition to a remote work environment, and close your physical location to comply with local stay-at-home orders. Now that stay-at-home restrictions have eased and many businesses have reopened their doors to the public, [...]

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Business Between The Ears (TM): Mindset Coaching For Entrepreneurs.

Small business owners in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and across the country are looking for many things. Some seek strategic guidance. Others want to see their marketing campaigns deliver better results. Or their sales efforts bear more fruit. But whatever the motivation to seek coaching is, just about every business [...]

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Reinvent or Re-imagine Your Business – In A Hurry!

Who else needs to reinvent or reimagine their business — in a hurry? Considering the merits of working with a marketing coach. The Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego business communities each have unique characteristics that set them apart. But right now, these regional business powerhouses have something extremely important in common: Thousands [...]

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Orange County Personal Business Coach

Improve Yourself, Improve Your Business: The Power of a Personal Coach What is a Personal Business Coach? You might say a personal business coach is a life coach for business owners. A qualified personal business coaches understands the world of the entrepreneur. The goal? To help you succeed and reach your goals. Many small [...]

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