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Welcome to the first issue of Nectar — food for thought from Hum Business Coaching. So, why Nectar? First and foremost, nectar is the favorite food of Hum Business Coaching’s mascot, the tiny yet mighty hummingbird. While hummers enjoy nectar from a variety of flowers, they are particularly fond of the sugary delicacy found in backyard hummingbird feeders.

Nectar is also the substance that bees turn into honey. And it’s known as the drink of the gods. (Legend has it that both Greek and Roman deities lusted after a goblet of nectar.)

Likewise, the Nectar newsletter will share sweet tips and juicy information on a variety of topics of interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Topics will change from issue to issue and will touch on marketing, creativity, strategy, mindset and much more.

(As you glance through Nectar, be sure to dip your beak into the Guest Nest section, where we share the perspective of business owners in a variety of disciplines.)

So settle into your favorite chair (or tree branch) and drink it in. If you enjoy it, please let us know. And by all means tell a friend.



Business Between The EarsTM: Mindset Coaching For Entrepreneurs.

Small business owners hire coaches for many reasons. Some seek strategic guidance. Others want to see their marketing campaigns deliver better results. Or their sales efforts bear more fruit. But whatever the motivation to hire a coach, just about every business owners can benefit from exploring mindset — what we like to call “Business Between The Ears.”

Business Between the Ears begins by asking the right questions — instead of the wrong ones. For example, if you ask yourself, “Why am I such a failure?” your brain will go into hyper-drive searching for reasons why. Which reinforces your “failure.”

Instead ask yourself, “What can I do differently?” Or: “What did I learn from this experience that will help me do better next time?”  Or even: “What’s good about this?”

Asking powerful questions is based on the premise that our beliefs drive our behavior — and will to a great degree determine how successful we are in business — and in life.

So, what sort of business owner might benefit from mindset coaching? It really doesn’t matter what industry the owner is in, how old they are, or the size of their company. What it all comes down to is a desire to work on their beliefs and attitudes — and a willingness to be coached. The goal? To take charge of your gray matter and put it to work toward greater success.

HUM’s personal business coaching services are customized to the unique needs of each client.  Mindset coaching for entrepreneurs and small business owners is available anywhere there’s a phone signal or an internet connection! Contact HUM Business Coaching for a complimentary, confidential evaluation:

Who else needs to reinvent or reimagine their business — in a hurry?

Considering the merits of working with a marketing coach.

The Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego business communities each have unique characteristics that set them apart. But right now, these regional business powerhouses have something extremely important in common: Thousands upon thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs are struggling to keep their doors open.

Business Coach Rob Wagner knows a thing or two about the challenges of owning and managing a successful small business. Following a career as an advertising copywriter and TV commercial producer, Rob joined a family-owned manufacturing company as Director of Sales and Marketing. Several years into this work, the company experienced the extreme challenges of the Great Recession. After emerging from this rocky period, Wagner took a look around at the small business owners whose formerly thriving enterprises were forced to shutter.

HUM Business Coaching is the result. And marketing is one of HUM’s major areas of focus. Over the past few months, HUM’s marketing coaching services have centered around the need of local businesses to rethink the way they do things. Part of this effort is a brainstorming session — by phone or video conference — offered free to qualified business owners.

HUM Business Coaching’s marketing services are customized to the unique needs of each client. With a track record of more than a quarter century as marketing strategists, we will help create and implement branding and lead generation marketing campaigns. HUM can also connect clients with experts in fields like SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, web design and video production. The HUM team of marketing specialists handle the heavy-lifting so business owners can stay focused on their business — as we help attract more clients…customers…sales…and profits.

If  you’re a small-to-medium-sized business looking for answers, contact HUM Business Coaching for a complimentary, confidential evaluation:

A faster track to unexpected success?

Are you ready to grow your business and take your enterprise to the next level?  Are you planning for slow and steady progress, because you believe that’s more realistic? Well, what if you discovered that you could grow by leaps and bounds without expending much more effort?

According to success and motivation expert Price Pritchett, PhD, you can grow a business exponentially by working smarter instead of harder.

In his book, you2, Pritchett describes “a high-velocity formula for multiplying your personal effectiveness in quantum leaps.” The bottom line? “‘Trying harder’ isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more.”

If you’re open to rethinking your mindset and changing your personal rules for success, this book is eye-opening. I highly recommend it!

This month’s guest nester is Mike Smith — founder and president of Beard Boy Productions. Mike has developed multimedia campaigns for clients as diverse as John Deere, Bank of America, Carl’s Jr. Restaurants, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Miller Beer, Taco Bell, Natrol Melatonin, Custom Building Products, Stater Bros. Markets, and Blue Cross Blue Shields nationwide. His mission: To take the work seriously, but never himself.

5 Health Hazards to Avoid When Creating Video Content

Vidyitis. It’s that familiar pain in the neck that flares up each time you need to drop everything and create a video for your company.

Luckily, fast, effective relief has arrived. Simply reach for these 5 helpful hints to turn video pain into promotional gain.

Health Hazard 1   Video Attention Deficit Disorder

Examine your current advertising campaign and diagnose the best way to integrate video into its overall strategy, tone, messaging and look. Avoid opting for a quick, easy, cheap way out. Most of your customers (not to mention 73 percent of all Americans) prefer to get their information via video rather than printed material. Give it the attention—and budget—it deserves.

Health Hazard 2   Brand Bruising

Like peaches, brands bruise easily. Make sure, when evaluating creative approaches, that the video will end up looking and feeling like it comes from your company. And that it communicates a simple, compelling message that gives the audience a strong reason to respond. In short, ensure that it showcases the sweet, tasty, goodness of your brand rather than its pits.

Health Hazard 3 Production Anemia

When it comes to production, try not to overdo it or underdo it. Your video doesn’t have to rival Avatar.” But it also shouldn’t rival a YouTube cat video. There’s no need to be extravagant in terms of the shooting locations or post production. On the other hand, don’t make your video look so anemic that it reflects poorly on your organization. Find the balance.

Health Hazard 4 Tunnel Vision

Shoot, repurpose, repeat. That’s the three-step process for efficient video production—best achieved by treating each video project as an opportunity to provide content for the next video project. So avoid tunnel vision. Expand your outlook and see it less as a “one-off” and more as an opportunity to build an archive of elements that can be cost-efficiently repurposed into future projects.

Health Hazard 5  Social Anxiety

Now that you have the project completed, it’s time to consider the traditional platforms by which to deliver it to your audience: TV, radio, your website and/or YouTube are givens. But don’t shy away from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others—not to mention on-line streaming networks, satellite radio, video pre-roll and in-office narrowcasting. Consult with an experienced media planner if the nuances of social media placement cause you anxiety.

Take these 5 tips and call us in the morning. For an appointment, contact:

Beard Boy Productions

[email protected]


About HUM Business Coaching founder and owner, Rob Wagner

Rob begins each day hoping to connect with someone who is seeking creative, surprising, apple cart up-ending ideas. Sometimes, it’s a fresh, stimulating, unconventional approach to making their professional or personal lives richer and more rewarding with personal and professional coaching. Other times, that means a fresh, unexpected, impactful marketing campaign.

Business & Marketing Coaching
HUM provides strategic, marketing and mindset coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business Writing Consultant
Rob has been a professional communicator, advertising copywriter/creative director, and small business owner for over 30 years. His writing experience runs the gamut from traditional media (print and broadcast) to digital (web content, email, blogging and social media).

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Whether it’s more clients, increased revenues, higher profits, more productive employees, or increased satisfaction for your work life, HUM’s coaching and consulting capabilities offer support, guidance and inspiration for owners of small enterprises.

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