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Welcome to the second issue of Nectar — food for thought from Hum Business Coaching. So, why Nectar? First and foremost, nectar is the favorite food of Hum Business Coaching’s mascot, the tiny yet mighty hummingbird. While hummers enjoy nectar from a variety of flowers, they are especially fond of the sugary delicacy found in backyard hummingbird feeders.

Likewise, the Nectar newsletter will share sweet tips and juicy information on topics of interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In this issue, we come face-to-face with a Monster and a Gremlin.

We’ll hear words of wisdom from guest poster and legal specialist, Jessica Murray, as she provides some valuable tips on Workers’ Comp for small business.

And, in our Guest Nest column, we’ll meet digital marketing and SEO expert Andrew Guida with SoCal Digital Marketing.

So settle into your favorite chair (or tree branch) and drink it in. If you enjoy it, please let us know. And, by all means, chirp about it to a friend.



Greetings from a bottomless pit.

Deep in the bowels of every marketing organization lies a scary, dark place. A swirling, boiling cauldron of words and sounds. A head-spinning, stomach-churning cavalcade of images. And dwelling within this black hole is a very hungry beast.

Behold, the Content Monster — the ghastly offspring of the digital marketing universe. It feeds on blogs and social media posts. White papers and tip sheets. Landing pages and podcasts, live streaming and produced video. And its voracious appetite is never satisfied.

The content beast is a picky eater.

Things would be simpler if you could just shovel a heap of digital gruel into the creature’s salivating pie hole. But the Content Monster only behaves when you feed it a balanced diet of fresh, relevant content.

If you’re like most business owners we know, you already put in a full day’s work serving customers, communicating with partners, trying to get paid on time — etc., etc., etc.  More often than not, your marketing and promotional efforts may get shoved to the back burner. And yet, you know that smart, impactful marketing campaigns lead to customers, sales, revenues and profits!

Fortunately, you don’t have to tend to the Content Monster yourself. Our team of content creators can keep the beast satisfied — and help you stay on task. More here:

What is Business Mindset Coaching and Who Might Benefit?

As business owners, we are often focused on goals. We try to get from point A to point B as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, there is a tendency for action-oriented entrepreneurs to skip over a bit of self-reflection and instead blame external factors as the sole reasons for success or failure.

That’s where business mindset coaching can be helpful. At HUM Business Coaching, we call mindset coachingbusiness between the ears.”  We believe that it is right here, in our own brains and personal world, that success and failure begins — or ends.

True, its challenging to slow down, take a deep breath, and think about how our mindset might affect our results. But its definitely worth the effort.

Maybe youd like to set some goals or develop new ways to successfully manage challenges. Perhaps you are attempting to cope with difficult relationships, whether with peers, employees, clients or vendors. Whatever the issue, Business Mindset Coaching helps business owners build confidence in their roles as owners, executives and team leaders.

For further information on HUM Business Mindset Coaching, please visit:

Is COVID-19 Spreading Your Liability?

In a matter of several months, COVID-19 has rocked the economy, singlehandedly taking down major corporations and small companies throughout the country.  Keeping your business open now poses a liability issue. A customer who contracts COVID on the premises could sue, drowning you in legal costs that lead to bankruptcy. You also have to consider the impact an outbreak could have on workerscompensation. In the age of COVID, its important to stay ahead of the curve by taking preventative measures to minimize the threat of liability and safely continue business operations.

Liability Protection

Many businesses, such as doctorsoffices, gyms, and salons, are requiring customers to sign liability waivers. Planning on attending an event? Then you should also plan on signing a contract with event organizers. You may recall the Trump team doing this prior to the Oklahoma rally held this past June to avoid COVID-related lawsuits. However, these waivers dont grant liability immunity; they are only useful against negligence claims. Currently, Washington lawmakers are considering liability protection under federal law for businesses. However, opponents claim this could deter patrons from supporting businesses, which would be a blow to the economy.


Under California law, employers must provide workerscompensation even if there is only one employee. Since workerscompensation benefits preclude lawsuits, liability protection would be ineffective. Eligibility depends on whether the employee contracted COVID on the job. Potential benefits include medical care for treatment of COVID-related illness, temporary disability to replace lost wages due to illness, permanent disability, supplemental job displacement benefits if your employee can no longer work for you, and death benefits. You are responsible for choosing your insurance carrier so make sure it offers services that best suit your business.

Preventative Measures

Work toward keeping your business COVID-free by routinely cleaning the premises and have sanitizers, tissues, and soap available for everyone. Try to avoid any form of sharing, whether its equipment or supplies. If possible, consider adopting systems like telecommuting, staggered shifts, and video conferencing to promote social distancing. Educate employees on hygienic practices. Immediately send home sick employees. Distribute fact sheets and posters on COVID in laymans terms that employees can understand. Implement reasonable leave policies for employees who are sick. Communication is important in keeping a clean, safe environment. Review policies and any available employee services with your employees.

Owning a business during this pandemic can be scary. Without liability protection, youre vulnerable to lawsuits that could cost you your business. Take proactive measures against COVID to protect your customers and employees. Most importantly, protect yourself!

Jessica Murray is an experienced writer who has written numerous blogs for online influencers, business owners, and e-magazines. After spending years in the entertainment industry and then obtaining a law degree, Jessica is now focused on using her acquired skills in her role as a budding entrepreneur.

Facing Your Gremlin

Let’s talk about that voice in your head. Come on, now, don’t deny it. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the voice that tells you that you can’t…or that you shouldn’t…or that you’re not good enough…or that this isn’t the right time to pursue a new business idea. This voice has been called the inner enemy. But I prefer to say it’s my Gremlin.

In fact, in his 2003 book, Taming Your Gremlin, author Rick Carson explains who the Gremlin is, what it wants, and how you can deal with it. One of the simplest techniques Carson identifies is to just “simply notice” the Gremlin when it rears its hideous, dream-destroying head. By becoming aware when the Gremlin intrudes, we lessen the chance of charging off in the wrong direction. Mr. Carson’s book is an entertaining and insightful look at the source of many life and business problems.

Q&A with Andrew Guida, owner of SoCal Digital Marketing

When did you start your business?

In 2012

Why did you start your business?

I have always wanted to create a business. When I worked as an intern at Pacific Enterprise Bank, I studied online marketing and loved it. I graduated college with a degree in Marketing and have always enjoyed working on computers so online marketing was the perfect blend.

What has been the biggest challenge youve overcome?

Learning how to increase the capacity of business after reaching a plateau. Whether it is using software, hiring contractors or participating in new marketing methods there seems to be a learning curve.

What is the achievement youre most proud of so far?

There are a couple that come to mind but my favorite is helping a limousine business generate so many leads online through their website a competitor purchased the company for several million.

How has business been this year (2020)?

This year has been slower due to COVID-19 but with that I have been able to improve my business. I have utilized new software for my social media strategy, re-designed my website, and spent time restructuring my SEO/Social Media campaigns to be more effective for clients. I’ve also resumed blog writing and social media posting, and I’m working on a newsletter campaign.

What is your favorite aspect of owning your own business?

Being able to make all the creative decisions.

What are your main sources for new clients?

My SoCal Digital Marketing website and BNI networking group.

How has your favorite hobby (playing video games) contributed to your success?

I grew up enjoying playing on the computer at a young age. Computers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s would quickly run slow or need upgrades, so I would learn how to optimize my computer and feel comfortable with identifying solutions for them.

What is something your clients — and even friends — might not know about you?

I can write songs and play the piano.

Contact info:

SoCal Digital Marketing


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