The news from the hosting company was bad.

“Your website has been attacked by malware, and
you need to go immediately to your control panel
and change your passwords.”  Which I did. But it
was too late.  In a follow-up email, the hosting company
informed me that they’d taken my site off line, due
to a severe attack of malicious software.

I asked a couple of trusted web experts about it. They
told me to google my website address and see
if my site had been delisted. Unfortunately, it had.

Translation: It was time to build a new website. And since
my website and email address and corporate ID all
revolved around my name – Biz Coach Rob – the best solution
was to start over.

The result? A new company, HUM Business Coaching. A new logo,
inspired by a tiny creature that reminds me of the
strength and gumption of small business owners —
the hummingbird.

Along with a suite of expanded business coaching services that
I hope you find helpful.

There’s a bit of information attached.  And much more to come.

It’s time to dream bigger and fly higher!

All the best,

~Rob Wagner
HUM Business Coaching
949.338.1259 (talk/text)