What is a Business Mindset Coach and Who Might Benefit?

The mission of a business mindset coach is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and executives discover new things about themselves that can help them succeed at a higher level in their professional and personal lives. Business mindset coaching is similar to professional life coaching in that it helps people get more clarity, get motivated and get going.

As business owners, we are often focused on goals and try to get from point A to point B as quick and painlessly as possible. However, there is a tendency for action-oriented entrepreneurs to skip over a bit of self-reflection and instead point to external factors as the sole reasons for success or failure. But mindset coaching takes a different point of view. A point of view that you might call “business between the ears.”  It is here, right in our own brains and personal world, that success and failure often begins and ends. True, it’s challenging to slow down, take a deep breath, and think about how our mindset might affect our results. But it’s usually worth the effort.

Maybe you’d like to set some goals or develop new ways to successfully manage challenges. Perhaps you are attempting to cope with difficult relationships, whether with peers, employees, client or vendors. Whatever the issue, business mindset coaching is designed to help clients gain increasing confidence in their roles as owners, executives and team leaders.

4 types of business mindset coaching.

Here are four examples of the kinds of people that might benefit from working with  a business mindset coach.

  1. People who have already met some or most of their life and business goals and are looking to expand their horizons.
  2. Someone who feels they’ve reached a lull in their career and is unsure how to find the next step in their professional position.
  3. Individuals who are basically satisfied with their career but are still looking to improve themselves.
  4. And those that are struggling in their work effort and are searching for new ideas and motivation.

There are actually countless examples, but these four categories cover the majority of clients for a business mindset coach.

How Can a Hum Business Mindset Coach Help Me?

At Hum Business Coaching Orange County, we customize our coaching based on client needs, but the major things we strive for in our sessions are:

  • Develop Self-Awareness
  • Create and Maintain Accountability
  • Boost Motivation in Your Career
  • Set Short & Long-term Realistic Goals
  • Engage in Self-Reflection

Many people overlook these skills and abilities when they reach a certain point in their career and developing them can be the missing piece that will help business life fall into place. The first thing our mindset coach will establish with a client is the drive to change. Because if a client isn’t willing to change themselves, the coaching relationship can’t succeed.

Types of HUM Coaching Sessions

Face-to-Face/One-to-One/In-person or by phone

Meeting with someone one on one is our business’ mindset coach’s most common method of interaction with a coachee. They are effective, quick-paced, and an excellent way for our coach to get to know someone’s current mindset and expectations of their coaching program. Coaching in this method is best for people who want focused, individualized assistance as each program can be custom tailored for the induvial, allowing for varied learning methods to be employed.

One-to-one sessions can be done either via phone call or in-person, meaning our programs can fit for anyone’s lifestyle or preference.  Each one-on-one coaching session also helps keep clients on task as they work toward their set goals.

Career Workshop/Career Professional Meetings

For those who like the dynamics of working in a group, HUM Business Mindset Coaching also offers meetings with expert groups of professionals that can support the mindset learning process. Composed of a wide range of business veterans, HUM’s close-knit network of individuals is here to help anyone looking to improve themselves. As with the one-to-one sessions, the people a client can meet with are organized according to their career and goals.

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