HUM Business Coaching Launches Success Process Program

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Orange County, Calif — August 23, 2018
Contact: Rob Wagner
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Orange County’s small business and executive leadership coaching specialist focuses on strategy, mindset and marketing.

“Think of it as a Success Triangle,” says Rob Wagner, business coach, marketing consultant and owner of HUM Business Coaching. “We’ve found that just about any subject related to running and growing a successful business falls on one of these three triangle points.”

Wagner, who has a background in advertising, marketing and small business management, started HUM Business Coaching to meet the needs of the business community’s largest underserved market: The small business owner. “Giant global conglomerates have lobbyists in Washington and other friends in high places. Small business owners? We’ve got each other…and that’s about it! HUM Business Coaching draws inspiration from the smallest and mightiest creature on earth — the remarkable hummingbird. Hummingbirds remind us of small business owners!”

The HUM Success Process Coaching Program kicks off with a revealing assessment of where the client’s business is right now. “We begin with an exhaustive questionnaire that probes every key area of business,” Rob explains. “The assessment shows areas of strength as well as those with potential for improvement. We leave no stone unturned. And sometimes, beneath that stone, we find something the business owner would rather not look at — but really should.”

Wagner’s team turns the assessment into a series of guidelines, a foundational document that helps guide the coaching process. The strategic portion of the program includes the development of an executive business summary. From there, the program moves on to the second critical topic: Mindset.

While mastering all three elements of the success triangle is essential to taking a business where the owner wants it to go, very often the most glaring area needing improvement is mindset. “As a mindset coach for entrepreneurs, I know that it’s here in this inner battleground that success and failure really take place. It’s a challenge to put into action a great strategy and an effective marketing campaign if the owner doesn’t have the right attitude, the appropriate communication skills, the inner resolve to power through problems, and a willingness to bite the bullet and overcome everyday issues like procrastination and loss of inspiration.”

“Running a small business can be a lonely road,” Wagner continues. “Owners and senior executives may wind up feeling isolated because they think no one understands what they are going through. This may lead to a loss of enthusiasm, growing confusion, emotional volatility and inability to make clear decisions.”

The third point in the success triangle is marketing. HUM knows that marketing is often pushed to the back burner by the busy, overburdened owner, entrepreneur or executive. While every business owner knows that new customers, clients or patients come from effective marketing, they might convince themselves that they don’t have the time, money or resources to do it.

With well over two decades as a copywriter, marketing strategist and small business executive, Wagner knows firsthand how hard it can be to keep your marketing going when you are already burning the candle at both ends. Still, it must be done. Wagner believes there are countless ways to handle marketing effectively. “Saying we have no money or no resources in-house to handle it may be true. But it’s still an excuse. Where there’s a will there’s a way — even if there isn’t a big budget.”

The marketing section of the Success Program includes the development of a One Page Marketing Plan that’s designed to be immediately put into action.

Once the six-session program is complete, clients often feel a sense of possibility and confidence they may have felt was lacking. “The successful launch of our new business is due to the confidence inspired by Rob’s input and the innovative ideas he’s provided each step of the way in the formation and establishment of our business,” says HUM client Cary Jones, President of Viva Studios, Inc.

To learn more about the HUM Coaching Success Process Program, feel free to email [email protected] or text: 949-338-1259. Be sure to ask about a free discovery session. You can also visit the HUM website:


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