Anyone who’s been in business more than a decade remembers the (Not So) Great Recession of 2008-2010. That event was described as the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression. Until the Pandemic. 

Too many small businesses are circling the drain. Financial and emotional resources are wearing thin. The only reason many of us are still standing upright is because our backs are against the wall. 

Having your back against the wall can be the splash of cold water in the face that wakes you up and  opens you up to facing the truth.” 

Orange County Business Coach

For people who procrastinate, or tell everyone that “everything’s fine” —  and believe their own nonsense — having one’s back against the wall can be the splash of cold water in the face that will wake you up and open you up to facing the truth.   

How about you? Is your back up against it? Do you have a strategy for dealing with it? Here are a few things to do right now: 

  • Write it down. Jot down in succinct fashion, in bullet form, exactly what you are facing right now. Eyes wide open. Putting it on paper may reveal how clearly you are seeing and thinking about a situation. It might also reduce tension and defuse the situation a bit. When that’s done… 
  •  Write down three things you can do to address the problem(s). ONE of these   things should be something you can do RIGHT NOW.  So maybe do it…right now. As in right now—right now. Stop reading this and DO IT (did I say          “right now”?) 
  • Put things in perspective. Ask yourself “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” Even if you don’t like the answer, you will at least know where things stand. Doing an honest reality check might keep your business from drying up, turning to dust, and blowing away. 
  • Once you’ve put your plan into action, find someone who will hold you accountable. Call or send a message to a colleague, partner or friend. Ask for their suport. 
  • Still stuck? Climb out of that box! Shift yourself mentally. Take several deep breaths. Walk around the block. Go watch the hummingbirds flit around in your back yard. Scrub the bathroom tile grout. Watch an episode of your favorite sitcom. Take a siesta in a hammock.   The point is this: When your back is against the wall, don’t beat your head against it! Get some perspective. Gain some clarity. Then take action.