Orange County Business Coach

Deep in the bowels of every marketing organization lies a scary, dark place. A swirling, boiling cauldron of words and sounds. A head-spinning, stomach-churning cavalcade of images. And dwelling within this black hole is a very hungry beast.

Behold, the Content Monster — the ghastly offspring of the digital marketing universe. It feeds on blogs and social media posts. White papers and tip sheets. Landing pages and podcasts, live streaming and produced video. And its voracious appetite is never satisfied.

The content beast is a picky eater.

Things would be simpler if you could just shovel a heap of digital gruel into the creature’s salivating pie hole. But the Content Monster only behaves when you feed it a balanced diet of fresh, relevant content.

If you’re like most business owners we know, you already put in a full day’s work serving customers, communicating with partners, trying to get paid on time — etc., etc., etc.  More often than not, your marketing and promotional efforts may get shoved to the back burner. And yet, you know that smart, impactful marketing campaigns lead to customers, sales, revenues and profits!

Fortunately, you don’t have to tend to the Content Monster yourself. Our team of content creators can keep the beast satisfied — and help you stay on task. More here: